Swan Valley bike ride

I don’t know how to put it more simply: the weather today was just perfect. I drove to Swan Valley for a 30 km cycling ride. It was nice to catch up with friends in my cyclist group that we lately started riding together.

Pro tip: when riding always try to find another cyclist to tag along behind and benefit from them breaking the wind!

Then after having a Subway (which has now become a Sunday ritual), I went back to a fenced patch of bushland that rode next to when cycling for the event and looked a bit wild. It didn’t have a name when I checked it in Google Maps, and that’s why it probably was intriguing; places without names are sometimes the ones that hold the most promise. This is what amazes me in Perth – the fact that you can be in the city (and sometimes close to the center) and suddenly you stumble upon a huge park or a reserve with bushland and native animals.

What a serene place! Even though I had finished a 30 km ride, I felt that such an environment should be thoroughly enjoyed, and decided to go for a run.

Even though lately I have been experimenting on myself a bit too much in the clinic and got a bit of irritation in my right knee (too much eccentric exercise!), running in that place was just liberating.

Perfect Sunday! Exercise, sun, friends, serenity.