Insane body composition transformation

One participant completed my 8-week resistance exercise and nutrition protocol aimed to aggressively maximize muscle growth in the shortest amount of time. Let’s call him Mr. One; a healthy 32-year-old male. Mr. One completed 29 sessions of resistance training (he just exercised 29 times!). I decided to name the protocol ‘Colossus’, and after seeing the results below, you’ll understand why.

I’ve searched far and wide, and I couldn’t find something similar to this protocol on the internet or the scientific literature, and that is why I designed it from scratch, optimized it, and got Mr. One to perform it. The first session was on the 22nd of February, and the last session was on the 22nd of April. We waited 5 days before the post-training DEXA scan to ensure that there would be no swelling from the last session affecting the results. This is just 8 weeks!

Lean mass (muscle)

Insane muscle mass increase: 4.3 kg of muscle mass gain in only 8 weeks! To put that in perspective, Lyle McDonald (one of the most recognized authors of books for muscle growth and fat loss) says that the maximal potential per month for a beginner (who will have greater gains than an advanced lifter) who does everything perfectly (without steroids) would be 0.9 kg (2 pounds) per month. Mr. One got 2.15 kg of MUSCLE per month!

Body fat

And at the same time, he lost 1.8% of body fat! How many times I’ve heard that it’s almost impossible to build serious muscle and lose fat at the same time. Almost 2% body fat loss in just 8 weeks!

You can actually see he looks like a different person, especially on the shoulders.


Here are some actual photos. The photos post-training were taken 7 days after the last exercise session, to ensure that what you see is muscle, not swelling.

I don’t think you need to be told which photos are the before and which the after.

Next stop, we optimize and implement it in patients with cancer-induced muscle wasting.